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High Speed spiral machine for fuel/ garden/ middle pressure hoses with a patent yarn Tension device

MODEL RHU-S This machine is especially suitable for high-speed spiralizing up to maximum 2x32 bobbins. The number of revolution of this machine is 700 rpm. 1.200 rpm. are possible depending on the number of bobbins, weight of the bobbins, shape of bobbins and from use of the thread-tension...

Exhibitor: Maschinenfabrik HARRY LUCAS GmbH & Co. KG

New Frame for storage up to 400 Kg knitting material with a laying device for the fabric in straight or crosswise Version

The Frame is for single jersey / double jersey / plush / interlock knitting heads avaiable. the Diameter can go from 6" up to 30". all rotating devices to lay the fabric are adjusted by electronical controlled drives. The box can be move out by rolles and can go directly on a forclifter. The...

Exhibitor: Maschinenfabrik HARRY LUCAS GmbH & Co. KG

New concept for wire knitting machines to change the knitting head and gauge easily in the range of frame size

With our new concept, you can change the knitting head and the machine gauge easily from 8” to 15”, from 16” to 25” and from 25” to 34”. The change of a knitting head takes around two to three hours.

Exhibitor: Maschinenfabrik HARRY LUCAS GmbH & Co. KG

YarnStar 3+Single End Extrusion Coating Line

Components: Creel with yarn tension unit Extruder with die head Cooling device with water bath Automatic precision cross winder with optional spool handling Central control Online quality control Applications: Sunscreens, home textiles, upholstery fabrics outdoor textiles, wall coverings...

Exhibitor: Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG Maschinenfabrik

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