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SOSSNA GMBH - SOSSNA-Spinnerets ® - was founded in 1985 as a German-based engineering company specialized in the chemical fibre industry.

In 1993, after SOSSNA delivered a turn-key spinnerets production plant to China, spinnerets became the main activity of SOSSNA. For spinnerets, SOSSNA nowadays is the pace maker and brand for high quality, reliability, technical support, punctuality and consistency.

Our production is based on technology of: Wetzel/Switzerland, Gröbziger Spinndüsen GmbH/Germany and, of course, 25 years experiences, research and development.

Products and services

The product range of SOSSNA covers all kinds of high pressure, stainless steel spinnerets for spinning monofilaments, multifilament and staple fibres, including bi-components, for producing textile-, industrial-, carpet (BCF) and special yarns. In addition to round capillaries, a large variety of profiled capillaries can be provided for spinning standard or micro dpf filaments. Another speciality are stainless steel and tantalum spinnerets for carbon fibres/filaments and aramids. At the Techtextil India 2017 complete sets of spin pack components and spinnerets for bi-component spinning will be presented, as well as a collection of spinnerets with special designed cross sections. Moreover, spinnerets for carbon fibres and aramids will be displayed.
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SOSSNA Spinnerets®

SOSSNA Spinnerets® is specialized on the design and supply of spinnerets and spin packs for producing textile-, industrial-, carpet (BCF) and special yarns.

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Sossna GmbH
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Susanne Sossna
Managing Director
Phone: +49 2365 51750
E-mail: sossna@sossna.de

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