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Autefa Solutions is a full line supplier for carded- crosslapped needlepunch lines, aerodynamic web forming technology, spunlace, and thermobonding lines. Autefa Solutions nonwovens lines meet customers’ requirements for quality web formation, bonding, active weight regulation, and minimal maintenance. The company combines experts of the former companies Fehrer, F.O.R, OCTIR, Autefa and Strahm. Autefa Solutions leads the way for nonwoven lines - is our credo. As a full line supplier we offer a wide product range for the nonwovens sector, including fiber preparation, carding, needling, thermobonding, hydroentanglement, drying as well as end-of-line equipment. The major nonwoven industry trends of high productivity paired with low maintenance cost and high flexibility for various nonwovens products increase the demand for top quality machines from Autefa Solutions.

Products and services

The main characteristic of Autefa Solutions nonwovens lines is the outstanding flexibility, which enables the nonwovens producers the manufacturing of a wide variety of products and truly unique fabrics. All systems are based on a modular design, which allows the selection of individual elements to suit customer requirements. Depending on the machine configuration, Autefa Solutions nonwovens technology can be employed for the production of nonwovens from all kinds of manmade fibers like PES, PP, viscose, bicomponents, as well as natural fibers such as cotton, wool, flax, hemp, sisal, jute, etc. with a fiber fineness of up to 200 dtex and staple lengths of up to 120 mm.

Autefa Solutions Needle Punching Lines

Autefa Solutions Needle Punching Lines
Needle punching machines from Autefa Solutions combine Fehrer’s know-how and long-time experience with the latest technology and offer optimum solutions for any kind of needling requirement, as single loom or integrated in complete lines:

• Variliptic drive concept and - NL drive concept
• Machine speeds over 3000 rpm in continuous operation
• Working widths up to 16 m
• Needle densities up to 30000 needles/m

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Autefa Solutions Spunlace Technology

• Injection Card: best quality web at the highest productions with lower value of MD/CD ratio
• Crosslapper Topliner CL 4006: high infeed speed of up to 140 m/min and a precise weight distribution
• V-Jet injector: perfect product performance additional to reduced energy consumption
• Square Drum Dryer SQ-V: combines the small footprint of a drum dryer with the better performance of a belt dryer

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ADL procution line

As a premium supplier, Autefa Solutions delivers machines for opening, blending and carding as well as ovens and dryers out of one hand. Autefa Solutions high-speed oven HiPerTherm HS distinguishes itself by an approved accuracy airflow system with high production speeds up to 250 m/min. The HiPerTherm HS is a single belt oven for thermobonding and drying.

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