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Over 150 years of experience combined at the company iNTERSPARE. Since generations, users have been appreciating to the products of the brands Babcock, Artos, Famatex, Haas, Krantz, Stentex, Textima, Hacoba, Müller for their reliability and longevity.

INTERSPARE GmbH was founded in 1994 in Hamburg. In the first years iNTERSPARE very successfully provides spare parts for textile machines, especially for textile finishing machines.

Since taking over the machine program with all rights, patents, licenses and technical documentation from ARTOS, Krantz, Stentex and Babcock Textilmaschinen in 2007 and the building of another new production hall iNTERSPARE is a well reputed textile machine manufacturer and the legitimate successor of Babcock Textile Machine BTM with production in Germany.
INTERSPARE is part of the company's history and restores the ARTOS and Babcock developments by adapting to today's standards. The manufacturing processes were coordinated with form designers from Babcock in Germany.

The once lost Babcock is back!

Products and services

textile machines / new systems - expansion of product capacities - individual systems.

Our machine portfolio:
Artos Unistar stenter - Krantz K30 stenter – Krantz shrink dryer
produced in Germany

Spare parts for iNTERSPARE brands:
ARTOS, Babcock, Famatex, Haas, Krantz, Stentex, Textima, Müller

Machine optimization: expansion - modernization - conversion.

Artos Unistar Stenter frame for Woven fabrics

The iNTERSPARE Artos Uni-Star,perfectly designed for woven fabric finishing lines,is the first choice for textile refiners all over the world due to its high cost-effectiveness

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Krantz K30 stenter frame suitable for knitted fabric finishing

The Krantz K30 stenter frame is suitable for knitted fabric finishing. Great attention will be paid on the soft and gentle treatment so that the fabric will not be stressed by extreme tensions.
Absolute precision is guaranteed in this process. Of course the Krantz K30 stenter frame is sustainable and energy efficient.

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Krantz Syncro shrink dryer

The Krantz Syncro shrink dryer secures the achievement of first class fabric results because of the controlled process guiding and the drying with low tension. All parameters can be adjusted individually so that every fabric can be treated in an optimal way and can become a premium product.

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