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Lubricant Consult GmbH is a worldwide operating lubricant manufacturer. The family-owned company develops, produces and distributes high-grade oils, greases, pastes and sprays for a great variety of industrial applications.

The company was founded in 1980 and has meanwhile established an extensive network of subsidiaries and sales representatives in more than 50 countries worldwide. Technical expertise, extensive knowledge and a high level of innovation combined with high-quality lubricants are just a few reasons for the continuous expansion and establishment of the LUBCON network.

LUBCON manufactures more than 2.600 different products and offers the perfectly suited lubricant for every application in nearly all industrial areas. Along with a wide lubricant portfolio, LUBCON provides innovative lubrication solutions and individual on-site support for optimum lubrication performance. Moreover, LUBCON experts help with the selection of the best suited lubricant for the individual application to improve the whole lubrication process.

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Whether in cotton or synthetic fibre yarn production, fabric knitting and weaving or in textile dyeing and finishing: Machine elements are constantly subject to high loads and have to operate efficiently. High speeds, wide temperature ranges, humidity and other chemical or media influences impede an optimum manufacturing process on a daily basis.

LUBCON’s specifically engineered lubricants for the textile industry cope with the most critical applications, while keeping high production rates possible with less maintenance. If you are looking for high-speed greases for machine parts in spinning and fibre processing (Turmogrease Highspeed L 252), knitting oils (Turmotexoil Series) or maintenance sprays, LUBCON offers the right product for your textile application. In addition to the production and distribution of special lubricants, LUBCON application engineers consult customers and support them, e.g. choosing the correct lubricants.

Turmogrease Highspeed L 252

TURMOGREASE Highspeed L 252 is a universal grease for highspeed rolling bearings. The fully synthetic grease has low friction and excellent noise behavior. It extends the relubrication intervals and is suitable for life time lubrication. It is used in rapier front rollers and scissors, for example.

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Turmofluid LS 400 plus

The cleaning and maintenance spray oil for textile machines provides excellent protection against corrosion. A special combination of substances allows the application on machines and parts in wet environments. It leaves a thin protecting film, reaches inaccessible lubrication points and protects reliably against corrosion.

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Turmotemp II/400 KL

Special grease for high temperatures that has an excellent chemical stability. The grease provides optimum wear protection and is outstandingly media- and pressure-resistant.

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