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High Speed spiral machine for fuel/ garden/ middle pressure hoses with a patent yarn Tension device

This machine is especially suitable for high-speed spiralizing up to maximum 2x32 bobbins. The number of revolution of this machine is 700 rpm. 1.200 rpm. are possible depending on the number of bobbins, weight of the bobbins, shape of bobbins and from use of the thread-tension control device.
Hoses up to a diameter of 100 mm can be spiralized, depending on the machine construction.

With the RHU-S machine the yarn feed unit is equalising the tension from each yarn position and will be regulate by a positive driven yarn feeder device to adjust the tension during running of the machine. The patented yarn feeder equalize the yarn tension from bobbin to bobbin. Through the design of the yarn feeder, it will be build up a thread tension, which can be adjust for the type of hoses over a touchscreen, during the running of the machine and Line. The yarn tension can be adjust from 50 cN up to 700 cN. This can be all change during the running of the machine without stopping the line. Therefor the waste will be reduce, the quality of hose is higher and downtime is reduced to a minimum. The line must be not stop to change the adjustment on the machine.
The machine can also equip with one knitting head. (Option),
Thereby the machine can only knit or knit in combination with 1 layer spiralizing.
Patented thread tension control during the run
Coreless manufacturing up to 700 rpm. depending on the hose type and quality.
The two-sided bearing ensures a still running of the machine and not a one side bearing construction.
A further extruder or other progress can be inserted between deck I and
deck II by means of the divided machine version.

Exhibitor: Maschinenfabrik HARRY LUCAS GmbH & Co. KG